Pastor and Church Conferences

 Our calling at Heart of Titus is to encourage and assist pastors and churches.  We believe that the local church is the hope of the world.  Our Pastor and Church conferences are designed to come alongside Pastors who desire to see their churches fulfill the mission of bringing the Gospel to their communities through training and equipping in the knowledge of the Word, movement in the Holy Spirit, and the proper use of the giftings. 


​Marriage Conferences

 Marriage is the physical example of Jesus as the Groom and the Church being His bride.  Heart of Titus teaches Biblical roles of responsibility in the marriage as well as the joys and pleasures of being husband and wife. 


​Women's Conferences

 Women face many unique challenges.  Heart of Titus ministers to women by encouraging them to walk in the truth of how God views and provides for them in their many roles as mother, wife, sister, and daughter of the King. 


​Men's Conferences

 Men hold a unique role and responsibility in the family, the church, and society.  Through teaching manhood from a Biblical perspective, Heart of Titus encourages men to take up the honor and responsibility God has given them to lead in holiness and servanthood. 


​Youth Conferences

 Heart of Titus believes that our youth are not only the next generation but are the present generation of the church. Most people who come to know Jesus do so by their 18th birthday; knowing this, Heart of Titus places heavy emphasis on Evangelism during our youth conferences. In addition, we train those who come to Jesus to identify their Spiritual Gifts and use them to reach their peers. 


​Preaching Ministry

 One of the great joys for our Heart of Titus teams is being able to preach in local churches around the world. The preaching ministry of Heart of Titus allows us to share the Word while building relationship with pastors and church members, worshiping together with them and partnering in ministry and prayer where they live. 


​Spiritual Gifts Activation

 Scripture teaches that every person who comes to Jesus for forgiveness of sin is also given a gift from the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12).  Many believers are not sure what gift they have or how to use it.  Heart of Titus teams teach about the individual gifts of the Holy Spirit and the proper use of them for the purpose of edifying the church and glorifying God.